About Us

Barista Baby!, LLC (BB!)™ is an all natural smoothie café that specializes in all-fresh, naturally minded - healthy, and handmade items to-go. We’ve kept some of the goodies, though soda “pop,” etc...

BB! supports green technology to better utilize our resources and provides plastic and aluminum can recycling on-site. BB! reclaims salvaged (i.e. century-old) Kentucky wood and reusable discards into historical and sought-after furnishings.

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WiFi is provided free for members of BOSS and Barista Baby!™.

Faxes and copies can be utilized onsite for a nominal fee.

We recommend strongly that you do not consume our edible products if you have any type of allergy restrictions or health problems that may prevent you from consuming them. Food prepared and served is not gluten free.  Please be aware our products may have been exposed to or produced in a facility that processes peanuts and dairy products.

Hours & Menu

BOSS Cheerleading and Gymnastics


"Our Nationally recognized staff aspire to lead in its mission to inspire individuals and teams to new levels of excellence, while rising to the top at local and National competitions, serving Kentucky schools, and working in close conjuction with dedicated families and the community."